SPECTRUM 2014: IISc Bangalore’s Sports-Cum-Cultural Fest

IISc‘s Sports-cum-Cultural Fest, SPECTRUM 2014 was held from 29th to 31st March 2014. Apart from regular attractions such as Athletics, Music, Dance, Drama, Fashion etc. Swimming Competition, Literary Fest and Art Exhibition added value to the 2014 edition. And the first ever Triathlon at IISc campus had overwhelming response and showcased the diverse capabilities of the institute community.

Spectrum 2014 (Courtesy: Sasank Amavarapu)Gymkhana Managing Committee had decided to organize the Gymkhana Day in 2011 after a gap of more than a decade and it is really heartening to see a small attempt to revive Gymkhana Day has taken such shape in just four years.

Gymkhana Day 2011 was a small function in Badminton Hall to give away the prizes and medals along with certificates to winners of Intra-IISc and Inter-Collegiate events organized by various clubs. The next edition added some cultural events such as music and dance to make the prize distribution ceremony attractive and more enjoyable. And it became SPECTRUM in 2013, during which Athletics competition revived under a new identity AGON’13.

As I have said earlier, I say it again, the Spectrum has to travel miles before it reaches the levels of VIBRATIONS: IISc Cultural Fest (aka Vibes) and I also wish it reaches those heights and go beyond. Vibes used to be a regular and famous fest organized by the Gymkhana but unfortunately could not happen after 2005. Many of local Bangalorean friends/acquaintances told me that they used to come to campus to during Vibes and even curious to know if it still happens?

Just to make you all aware about the magnitude of Vibes, I have collected some information about it, from friends who were actually part of the Vibes’05 organizing committee:

  • Vibrations 2005 Logo (Credits: Vishal Singh and Vibes05 Organizers)Bands like Nemesis Avenue (Founder AR Rahman) have competed in Rock Competition at Vibes
  • Moksha and Motherjane played in Vibes’05
  • Euphoria has played in Vibes
  • Deepika Padukone has walked the ramp for MCC in Vibes inter-collegiate fashion show
  • Rock Competition and the Professional Rock Shows were the biggest attractions
  • Yahoo! Bangalore was main sponsor for Vibes’05, which was last edition of VIBRATIONS.
  • Vibes attracted participants from as far as Mumbai !!!

More about Vibes:

Voices Aug 2006:

Vibrations (or Vibes as it is fondly called) – the cultural fest of IISc, is organized by the Gymkhana Management Committee and is perhaps the most awaited event in the campus. Spread over three days and four evenings, the fest has a host of literary , creative, cultural and offbeat events that all guarantee the same thing more fun and excitement…Voices Aug-2006

With all the right vibes: The Hindu (Oct 05, 2005): Vibrations, the Indian Institute of Science’s annual culfest, was all about teamwork and healthy competitive spirit…

The show must go on was the motto of Vibrations, the Indian Institute of Science’s annual cultural fest last week. The motto was tested to its extreme when thundershowers struck on the second day of the fest. When I reached the sprawling IISc. gymkhana grounds, the scene looked as if a tornado had ripped through. Tarpaulin torn and chairs toppled, I thought the first day was a washout. But pat came the assurance: “We will be up and running by three.” read more on The Hindu

Photo Captions and Credits (As appeared in text above):
Dance performance during Spectrum 2014 (Credits: Sasank Amavarapu)
of Vibrations 2005 (Credits: Vishal Singh and Vibes’05 Organizers)


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