The Story of People’s Car: Tata Nano

I came across this documentary on TATA Nano so thought of sharing it here on my blog.

A promise is a promise

TATA NANO – Mega Factories – National Geographic Documentary (English) 

Ratan Tata decided to take up this project to make India’s road safer by giving people a choice to buy a car (the TATA Nano) instead of motorcycles or scooters, which are commonly used in India for transport. And, it very dangerous mode of transport, especially on bad roads in monsoon with whole family/3-4 persons on a two wheeler.

Tata, who expects the the Nano to be a ‘people’s car‘, had to face violent process protests in Singur. The protests made Tata Motors to shift 3 Billion USD setup to Sanand, ~2100 Kms away from Singur, in more three thousand truck-loads. He is proud of the team Nano, who took the design issues and skyrocketing costs as challenge to deliver the Nano within promised price of Rs. 1 Lakh. The team Nano had to do cost cutting by being innovative and clever in decision making. Some of the cost cutting features are design for cheaper manufacturing, rear mounted smaller engine 624 cc, single wiper, etc. (Nano Story on

Another video on “The Making of Tata Nano”

The Nano is not only becoming People’s Car but also was the first brand to set up an online merchandise store on .

The official website of the Nano is

Hope you enjoyed the documentary :), let me know what do you think of TATA Nano and the documentary.

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