SPECTRUM: Revival of VIBRATIONS!!! Are you kidding?

After organization of SPECTRUM 2013 by IISc Gymkhana, the some people are talking about the revival of VIBRATIONS. Do we know, what are we talking about?

Let me mention a few salient points about VIBRATIONS: IISc Cultural Fest, before I write about SPECTRUM and revival of VIBRATIONS (aka Vibes):Vibrations 2005 Logo (Credits: Vishal Singh and Vibes05 Organizers)

  • Bands like Nemesis Avenue (Founder AR Rahman) have competed in Rock Competition at Vibes
  • Moksha and Motherjane played in Vibes 2005
  • Euphoria has played in Vibes
  • Deepika Padukone has walked on the ramp in Vibes for MCC
  • Rock Competition and the Professional Rock Shows were the biggest attractions
  • Yahoo! Bangalore was main sponsor for Vibes05, which was last edition of VIBRATIONS.
  • Participants coming over from as far as Mumbai !!!

Are we (SPECTRUM) somewhere close to that (VIBRATIONS)? I don’t think so.

In my view, SPECTRUM has many miles to travel before it can be called Cultural Fest of IISc. Organizing Jhankar, Rangmanch Play and Rhythmica Show in one or two nights along with Fashion Show does not make it a fest, but I would rather say it was another edition of IISc Gymkhana Day.

IISc Gymkhana Day was re-introduced by GMC in 2011 to distribute the medals and certificates for the competition and tournaments organized in 2010-11 and taken forward in 2012 by introducing the performances by Dance Club and Rhythmica. And in 2013, it was called SPECTRUM.

Overall SPECTRUM was satisfactory, thanks to some really nice performances by Dance Club, Rangmanch, Rhythmica and Fashion Show, specially the Kids Fashion Show. But, how can the performance of a group be cut short with no fault of theirs? Just because the time management of event was below standards.

The Chairman of GMC do not know much about VIBRATIONS and last 2 editions of Gymkhana Day, but feels SPECTRUM is combination of both VIBRATIONS and Gymkhana Day along with Athletics Meet which was organized after few years. Then how can people consider it as “A Revival“, somebody else feels, “Previous GMCs were not able to revive IISc Cultural Fest, as the current one has done it, so they are far better than previous ones.“, without knowing the facts about VIBRATIONS, the IISc Cultural Fest or

Revival of VIBRATIONS!!! you are kidding, right? Your comments are welcome 🙂

More about Vibes:

Voices Aug 2006:

Vibrations (or Vibes as it is fondly called) – the cultural fest of IISc, is organized by the Gymkhana Management Committee and is perhaps the most awaited event in the campus. Spread over three days and four evenings, the fest has a host of literary , creative, cultural and offbeat events that all guarantee the same thing more fun and excitement…Voices Aug-2006

With all the right vibes: The Hindu (Oct 05, 2005): Vibrations, the Indian Institute of Science’s annual culfest, was all about teamwork and healthy competitive spirit…

The show must go on was the motto of Vibrations, the Indian Institute of Science’s annual cultural fest last week. The motto was tested to its extreme when thundershowers struck on the second day of the fest. When I reached the sprawling IISc. gymkhana grounds, the scene looked as if a tornado had ripped through. Tarpaulin torn and chairs toppled, I thought the first day was a washout. But pat came the assurance: “We will be up and running by three.” read more on The Hindu

Photo Caption and Credits: Logo of Vibrations 2005 (Credits: Vishal Singh and Vibes05 Organizers)


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