IISc Open Day: It was good!!! Could it be better?

This was 4th edition of IISc Open Day, when India’s Premier Research Institute, opened the doors for general public.

IISc Bangalore Open Day As I had mentioned in my last blog post, that I am going to go around in the campus to see what my fellow researchers are doing, but I ended at looking at organizational structure of the event itself. It is clear from the news published that people enjoy it, but it will be good if we, the students, professors and staff of IISc sit and think, how can we make it better with less efforts?

A video of Artificial Lightening: Demonstrated at High Voltage Engineering Lab

The articles in The Hindu and Times of India shows the satisfaction level of majority of the visitors. The school children / college students are happy with what they got to see, whether it was live experiments of physical laws in Physics, models of Cells/DNAs in Biological Sciences, mini aero-show by Aerospace, artificial lightening at High Voltage Engineering or 3D printer at CPDM.

The efforts put in by the researchers of the various departments and centres across the institute are enormous, which compete against each other to draw attention of the visitors. Why not, why the department should not be doing their publicity? Yes, they should, but is littering the campus with posters, flex banners, arrow marks, etc. right way? No, I think, the campus should remain clean as it is on any other given day. Even, the labs should do minimal changes in their structures for hosting the people if they are planning to, otherwise should host their demos or experiments at centralized place, which can be combined similar departments like it was in Biological Sciences or Physical Sciences.

There should be some central authority for planning out events and exhibitions during the day, with central information management system. The central authority should maintain the list of activities/events/exhibitions/experiment planned by the various labs, which can be published on a page dedicated to Open Day on IISc website or a special IISc Open Day website as CPDM did for Ripples’13.

Central Information Management/Website:

  • Will make the life of a researcher easier in promoting the events of his lab.
  • Will assist the visitors in planning their day at IISc
  • Can be displayed at important junction within IISc and entry gates and these displays can also be used for live updates and reminders of the events.

What do you think, share your thoughts in comments below. How the IISc Open Day could be better for the IISc students and staff; and for the visitors off-course?


Snippets of the articles I mentioned above:

The Hindu: Open Day at IISc. thrills Bangaloreans

People with visual impairments struggling to measure liquid in a glass will soon be empowered with a spoon that helps them to do so. This capacitor-based electronic spoon informs the user about the quantum through vibrating points on the spoon. It is still under development at the Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing… more on The Hindu…

Times of India: Walk into IISc, start loving science

“There were no clouds, but there was thunder and lightening. No rain too. Thrilling!” This is how 14-year-old Meghana AS from Hallenahalli of Tumkur reacted at High Voltage Laboratory at IISc on Saturday… more on Times of India…


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